Kinky vs Curly: What’s the Difference?

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Black hair usually falls within the hair type range of 3 to 4. Specifically, your hair maybe 4a, 4b, 4c or a mixture of all of them. Natural hair is very diverse and usually doesn’t stick to one specific hair type. However, the texture is usually between kinky or curly.  


  KINKY VS CURLY: What’s the difference in hair pattern? 

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Kinky hair is usually shaped in a Z pattern

The curls are considered kinks because of how the hair sharply bends at each corner to form the pattern. In addition, the hair isn’t loose so it’s always in its shrunken state. Therefore, there is usually lest definition. Kinks can range between having a fine or low density to thick or coarse.

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Curly hair is usually shaped into an elongated S or C pattern.  

 The curls are considered to be loose yet still present some form of definition. They are usually compared to the pattern of a corkscrew or the curls are the circumference of a crochet needle. In addition, the strands are usually long, wiry and/or fine.   

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 KINKY VS CURLS: How to care for the different patterns? 

 Most naturalistas who have 3a/3b hair usually have what we consider “curls”.  

 Curls are easy to take care of once the correct products and techniques are utilized within your hair regimen. 


For Curls: 

1] Utilizing lightweight products to not cause product build-up on your curls. 

2] Using gels for your wash and go’s to keep your curls defined so it lasts longer. 

 3] Avoiding products with a lot of oil as they will cause your curls to be weighed down.  

4] Sleeping in a satin scarf or cap to maintain the moisture and protein level in your hair strands. 

5] Using tools in your hair such as Denman brush to enhance your natural curl pattern. 


 For Kinks:

 Naturalistas, who have kinks in their hair would fall in the categories of  4a/4b/4c hair. Similarly, to curly hair, kinks can be cared for once the correct techniques and products are used such as: 

 1] Using thicker products with emollients that can penetrate your hair strands with moisture. 

2] Moisturize using the LOC method where you use Liquid, Oil, and Cream. 

3] Keeping the hair in stretched styles such as braids and twist outs to maintain the length of it. 

4] Sleeping in a satin scarf or cap to maintain the moisture and protein level in your hair strands. 

5] Avoid using fine combs and brushes in your hair to prevent breakage, knots or tangles. 


Regardless of your hair texture, your natural hair is amazing. 

Natural hair is versatile as it comes in different textures and patterns that aid in enhancing your overall look. It can be styled in various hairstyles to suit your mood, look or occasion. In addition, there are various products on the market that are catered to enhancing the overall health of your hair.  

"Whether you have kinks or coils, embrace and flaunt your natural mane in all it’s glory."

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