Switch It Up - Embrace The Versatility of Your Natural Hair

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As a stylist and salon owner, I often get asked questions like “why am I natural?” Or “what makes me love my natural hair?” The list goes on and on. And the truth is, I do not have one single answer. I returned natural for a number of reasons. However, if I had to rank those reasons, versatility would be number one on my list.

Yes, you read that right. If when you think of natural hair, you can only envision a “wash and go” or a puffed ponytail, then you don’t really know natural hair and the multitude of style options available. Wearing your natural hair offers several options. Here are a few of my favorites:

Braid Outs and/or Twist Outs

I have categorized these two together because the only difference between the two is whether you choose to rock the 2-strand twists or the 3 strand braids. For both, you section off your hair, and using the styling product of your choice (I personally use Hello Beautiful Styling Gel), twist or braid each of these sections all over your head. Once your hair dries, you just unravel the braids and twists, and after a little teasing, you are good to go. Braid outs and twists are two of my favorites because they are both low maintenance and last longer than a wash and go.


One of my absolute favorite styles to rock with my natural hair is the afro. It is quite simple to achieve the afro look too (simplicity is a natural girl’s best friend). You just need to grab a pick and comb out your hair all over until it creates an afro. And remember, the longer you pick your hair out, the bigger your afro will be in the end. And in this case, bigger is definitely better.

Protective Styles

Rocking protective styles allows you to conceal your hair on a number of levels. These hairstyles help to protect your natural hair from the elements, maintain moisture, retain length and give you a stylish look. Some of my favorite protective styles are Havana twists, box braids, cornrows, and from time-to-time, I’ll even rock a wig.


One of the biggest misconceptions about natural hair, is that you cannot apply any type of heat to your hair. While you definitely don’t want to over process your hair with heat OR chemicals, you can still straighten your hair through a silk press. With a silk press, you are not chemically altering your curl pattern, so it is temporary. You may even shock yourself with how much length you have once your hair is pressed out. Don’t let the shrinkage fool you.


Here is another HUGE misconception. Yes, you can spice things up using all types of color. Using color on natural hair is actually safer than on relaxed hair because your hair hasn’t already been processed with chemicals. For me, adding color allows me to showcase my creativity. And I love that, because it isn’t relaxed, my hair doesn’t break when I apply the color. My natural hair remains healthy and well-hydrated.

 As you can see, rocking your natural hair gives you so many different options, some of which aren’t even available to those who choose to relax their hair. Nothing about my life is monotonous, so the versatility I have now with my natural hair fits my lifestyle perfectly. Remember, variety is the spice of life, and I’m out here living.

 What do you think? What’s your favorite style to rock with your natural hair? Comment below and let me know.

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